Bike Trail Stewart Creek to Deadman’s Flats

An excellent mountain bike trail has been developed between the eastern end of the present Stewart Creek development and Deadman’s Flats. It connects with the Lac des Arcs – Deadman’s Flats section of the Trans-Canada Trail. Apart from a short, somewhat boggy section, the tread is very good. While not offering a particularly good hiking experience: it’s in the trees all the way and there is a lot of highway noise, it’s a great easy mountain biking trail at 12 km return.

West access
Leave the Trans-Canada Highway at the Stewart Creek interchange and head up to the four-way junction. Turn left and follow he road up to a traffic circle. Drive straight on to a turning circle at the end of the road. Park here. Continue up the road (chain across) for 300 m to a side road on the left also blocked by a chain. The bike trail starts on the right a few metres beyond the chain.

East access
Drive the Pigeon access road from Deadman’s Flats. Just beyond the highway wildlife fence there is a track to the right. The Trans Canada Trail is on the opposite side of the road. Follow the track to Pigeon Creek. Rather than wading the creek, head right to the wildlife fence and across the top of the culvert. A track leads through trees back to the powerline road. Follow the powerline road a short distance to where it bears slightly right. A track to the left heads up to the powerline proper. Make a sharp U-turn here and head back toward the quarry. The bike trail soon becomes obvious.

Click on the map below to download a larger printable version.

Stewart-Deadmans Flats Trail map
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  • Derek Ryder Aug 4, 2011, 10:53 am

    Excellent? Easy? I disagree on both counts. We tried to do it today from the Dead Man’s Flats end and gave up after about 2 km, while walking over half of that. The part we did is fully flagged (with orange and black tape) but is a narrow rutted single track with 30° ascents and descents, holes, treacherous rock crossings, and all sorts of other unpleasantness. I freely admit to not being a mountain biker, but my goodness, if this is an “easy” trail, I’m never riding again. “Easy” is Goat Creek, the track to Karst Springs, the start up Ribbon Creek — not this.

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