Kananaskis Village Snowshoe Trail

This figure 8 loop is short (only 2.7 km), but surprisingly  pleasant — a great introduction to snowshoing for hotel guests trying it out for the first time. Start from the top end of the parking lot for Woody’s Pub, at the 4-way trail junction.

The bigger loop climbs into meadows adjoining Aspen ski trail (picnic table still buried under snow), then descends to Kovach. Here you can shortcut back to the village, but don’t, because the smaller loop is the more interesting. It descends Terrace trail south a way, turns off left down a narrow gully, then undulates along the top of the escarpment past many fine viewpoints. You can lengthen the trip by continuing to follow Terrace, bearing in mind  that at some point you’ll be running into avalanche gullies.

Kananaskis Village view

Looking southeast across Kananaskis Valley toward The Wedge

Incidentally, the grocery and deli in the Village Centre has gone out of business, which means that reasonably-priced lunch food is no longer available anywhere in the village.

Map Kananaskis Village snowshoe trail
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