Snowshoe Jumpingpound Mountain?

Not many people realize that Powderface Trail the Road is open for public driving from the north end to Canyon Creek. (Well, you  do have to read K Country’s snowmobile report for the Sibbald Area to get this info.) Spray Lakes Sawmills is currently pulling out logs and when that is finished, the road will be closed again.

Jumpingpound snowshoe

The first bridge is still in, but there is a high step down at the end onto the trail.

Sunday seemed a safe day to go take a look, so we drove it yesterday for 16 km from Hwy. 68  to the Jumpingpound Summit trailhead. The road was in good condition, either bare or snow packed. There was a widening at Lusk Pass trailhead where vehicles could turn around and park. The next widening was at the Jumpingpound Summit trailhead. Not because it was a trailhead. Just a few metres down the road at the blue 16 km sign, a logging road heads off from the west side of the road and provided a good place to turn around. Noticably, there was a lot more snow up there than down at Dawson and Lusk Creek trailheads.

Strapping on snowshoes and carrying wind gear—the wind was fairly howling on the road, so we could imagine what it was like on the summit ridges—we started off up the winding Jumpingpound Summit trail.  The trail was unbroken and the snow deep and quite heavy. After 2 km of  slow going (though time was passing far too quickly— 2 1/2 hours to be exact ) we were zonked and turned around. We decided a whole fleet of trail breakers was needed.

For  anyone wanting to build on our paltry efforts, there is another 600 m of trail-breaking to go to reach the ridge line. After this we reckoned that the wind will have scoured the open slopes to the top. But best go there soon. K Country is not sure how long the window of opportunity will last. Contacting SLS during the Christmas New Year period  proved futile, but hopefully I’ll have more answers on Thursday.

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  • Alex Jan 27, 2014, 1:54 pm

    I tried heading out there on Saturday but found the road to not be in ideal shape so headed up Cox Hill instead. I highly recommend a 4wd with plenty of clearance and probably chains for anyone who wants to try heading out there before it closes.

  • Gillean Daffern Jan 3, 2014, 12:24 pm

    According to SLS, the log hauling has ended, but the road will remain open until the end of January sometime. No fixed date yet.

  • Teddy Jan 1, 2014, 7:09 pm

    Well, we built on your efforts, by about 350 metres. We went out yesterday, New Year’s Eve (the road was still open, but it looks as thought the “Road Closed” signs had been pushed aside). A beautiful day it was, but also a late start. We got to where you guys bailed around 13:30, and the girls were pooped. I pushed on for half an hour, but being poor, lonely me, breaking the trail for that 350m killed me, and I turned around, pooped too.

    So the trail is broken to within 300 m or so of the summit. A nce bag for someone so inclined.

  • Steve Riggs Dec 31, 2013, 7:06 am

    That brings back memories of November 2003, or maybe it was ’04, when a series of upslope storms produced some very good skiing off Jumpingpound Ridge, before the road closed. I’ve been wanting to repeat that sometime, but in reality I suppose the snowpack there right now is a mess of facets, and chinook hammered snow.

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