Snowshoeing the High Rockies Trail & the Blackshale Suspension Bridge

I took a quick snowshoe up to the suspension bridge yesterday to see how it looks near the end of a heavy snowfall season. There is enough snow on it to reduce the effective height of the handrail and it has been closed. 

There’s lots of snow on the High Rockies Trail and conditions along the Smith Dorrian section are excellent.

The tread is fairly soft though, so suitable snowshoes (not the little foot-long ones that some people are using) will be needed to avoid punching through, especially as the snowpack warms up. Take a look at Why not Snowshoe the High Rockies Trail? for some more information.

The trail is hard to get onto in places due to the high berms left by the snowplows. Easiest accesses are Rummel, Chester Lake and Sawmill (following snowshoe trails from the far end of the parking lot in either direction). The section from Chester, north toward Rummel, is closed from May 1 as it is currently part of the Chester lake closure. Yes, snowshoeing along the Smith Dorrian section of the HRT will probably be excellent in May this year.

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  • dave Apr 10, 2018, 8:14 pm

    That is a cool bridge i have been past many times but never hiked up there i will have to take a look once the snow has melted.

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